Your student life

Studying in Brussels, that's studying in a city where Culture and Café can be written a big 'c', because nowhere is the offer bigger and more beautiful. Every day you can choose from dozens of activities: concerts, film projections, parties, museums, terraces (yes, even in winter) ... Moreover, many local companies and multinationals have their headquarters in the capital of Europe. That's good for your internship and for a job!

Being a student in Brussels

By the way, did you know that it is the largest student city in the country? Life doesn't stop here at 4pm, on the contrary.


Student room

Half of the students who graduate in Brussels would like to stay in the city. And that is no coincidence.

Student restaurants

In our student restaurants your meal will be prepared by experienced chefs using only fresh and nutritious ingredients.


All our campuses are easily accessible; that goes without saying in a city like Brussels. And your mobility doesn't have to cost much!


Dive into the calendars of the RITCS Café or Cinema RITCS or click through to one of the many agendas of activities in Brussels.


Would you like to earn some extra money during your studies? EhB and VUB have a student job database on which companies can post their vacancies.