Practical Information

Before departure

  • Visa requirements may apply depending on your nationality. See the website of Foreign Affairs.
  • Housing options
    • International Student House Van Orley
    • The Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts offers on-campus housing service in Jette.
    • If you want to look for a room on the private market, Brik are experienced in finding housing (a "kot") for international students. They're also a helpful source for the practical side of things: see their page on preparing to move to Brussels and also their handy search engine for finding a student room in Brussels.
  • Travelling


During your stay

  • Immigration and registration
    If you will be staying in Belgium for more than 3 months, consult the Immigration service for any additional modalities. Register with the municipality in which you will be staying. The Brussels region is subdivided into 19 municipalities.


  • Academic calendar (2019-20)
    • Survival Dutch classes: September 9-19th
    • Welcome Day for international students: September 20th
    • Fall term: September 23rd  - January 31th
    • Spring term: February 3rd - June 29th 
    • Re-sits: August 17th -  September 11th
      • Specific academic calendars for each department will be made public around May 2019.
  • Want to discover more of Brussels and Belgium in general?
    • You will be informed on all interesting things in Brussels and Belgium during the orientation day. ESN Belgium also organizes many excursions to the major cities of Belgium.


Upon leaving

  • Confirm with the international office to make sure your certificate of stay is signed and in order;
  • In case of a stay longer than 3 months, deregister from the municipality in which you are staying.


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