We are strongly committed to research. Within our research offer, we make a distinction between two major types: research in the arts, conducted in the Schools of Arts, and practice-based research, which is linked to our bachelor's programmes.

We also have several labs, where both students and companies can conduct research.


EhB has several labs in which our students gain useful practical experience. However, most of these Labs also open their doors to external interested parties.

Practice-oriented research

Most of the research at the Erasmus University of Applied Sciences is of a practical nature. With this research we try to provide answers to current, social and economic needs or opportunities in the field.

Academical research in the arts

Get acquainted with the academic research in the arts of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the RITCS.

Science communication

We believe that science, the possession and understanding of essential knowledge about the workings of the world and the universe, contributes to better informed people, citizens, voters and consequently a better society.