Students can use Brik's usefulls searching tool called MYKOT to find a room. If you have further questions regarding housing in Brussels you can mail to huisvesting@ehb.be.


Tricks to find a room in Brussels

Are you planning an erasmus experience at Erasmushogeschool Brussel and are you in search of a nice place to rent? On this page we will give you some useful tips to find qualitative accomodation during your stay.

1. Start searching for accomodation in time

Usually, the landlords announce their availabilities for the upcoming academic year at the end of June. Due to the current COVID-19-situation some rooms are already free and available, and thus bookable. We strongly advise you to keep an eye on the website of MYKOT where you will find an overview of available rooms.

2. Inform yourself thoroughly before booking a room

Before booking, we advise you to check out and compare different options of student housing. By doing that, you will get a good idea of the housing standards and prices in the area. If possible, we recommend visiting the student houses, rooms and studio's before signing a contract. The website of Brik offers tons of useful information regarding your quest for a qualitative student room.

3. Use MYKOT for finding available rooms

Brik is an online service desk for students in Brussel; they manage a large amount of student rooms in the city center and established MYKOT, an online database for student housing in Brussels where you can find available rooms offered by Brik as well as available rooms offered by private landlords. The website contains a very useful search that sorts the available rooms by distance to the campus of your choice, and thus you know exactly how far your room will be located from your school, super handy!

A standard room of Brik in the city center of Brussels approximately costs 460 euros per month, including a flat rate for variable costs such as water, electricity and internet. The rental prices of the student rooms depend on the locations, the comfort level (with or without a private bathroom or shower) and the size of the room. Curious about the contract and the legal terms? You can find a model contract of Brik on following link.

Since the two student houses of Erasmushogeschool Brussel will be closed during the next academic year because of renovation works, we work together with Brik to accommodate our student for the upcoming academic year 2021-2022.

4. Join the 'OPEN DOOR DAYS' and 'KOTTOURS' organized by Brik

During the Open Room Days, several landlords will open the doors of their student houses so you can have a look around and have your parctical questions answered. Brik already announced to organize Open Door Days on:

  • April, 24 & 25
  • May, 8

Please find more information and updates about this event on their website.

During the summer months, Brik organizes guided tours along available rooms for the upcoming academic year. Join one of the KOTTOURS and sign the contract of the room you liked the most at the end of the tour. You can find more information about this event on this website.

5. Are the rental prices in the center of Brussels too expensive? Take a look around in the surrounding towns.

If the rental prices in the center of Brussels are out of your budget, we advise you to check for available rooms in the towns nearby Brussels; the rental prices are way more affordable there. Our campuses are easily accessible by public transport and/or shared transport (bike, e-scooter, etc.), so this sure is an option to take into consideration. As a student you can already buy a school season ticket form MIVB for 50 euros. Explore how to get around in Brussels here.


Questions? Send us an email at huisvesting@ehb.be