Open Bio-Incubator

Start your biotech business in the Open Bio-Incubator of the Biomedical Science Center. This accessible bio-incubator is the first step from your idea to a proof-of-concept.

What we offer

At the accessible bio-incubator, our services are tailored to your needs. Therefore, we offer four different packages of support.


  1. Rental of the space. You only rent our research infrastructure for your employees to perform the experiments.
  2. Contract research by our researchers. The Open Bio-Incubator is part of the BioMedical Science Center, affiliated with the program Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. Their lecturers are hired to co-design the experimental protocol and carry out your experiments.
  3. Contract research by our students biomedical laboratory sciences. Our students Will carry-out your tests (under supervision of a lecturer).
  4. Consultancy: are you looking for a tailor-made workshop? A CRISPR-Cas9 intro or do you want to learn how to operate a certain device? The Biomedical Laboratory Sciences team will assist you.

Our facilities

We have an L1- and L2 lab and are fully equipped to perform biotechnological research. A selection of our equipment: LAF hood, PCR devices, AKTA pure, qPCR, spectrophotometers, imagers, (UV) microscopes, autoclaves, gel electrophoresis systems, ...


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The Open Bio-Incubator is realized with the support of Blikopener, VLAIO en de Erasmushogeschool Brussel.

Our satisfied users

Testimony from France-Emanuelle Adil CEO of Tiamat Sciences