Sun Meeting 2019

Sven Gatz Sunmeeting 2019

With more than 140 professionals from 6 different countries the Simulation User Network (SUN)-meeting became a major success.
We would like to thank everyone for their presence and active cooperation. 
We hope you 've enjoyed the meeting. We think we provided you all kinds of tools, useful information and tips and tricks. For those of you who just can’t get enough, do find some literature and all the presentations below. 

Satisfaction questionnaires:

As we are always looking for improvement, we would like you to fill in the questionnaires, also for the workshops followed those days.
Deadline: 10th March.
Thank you!

DAY 1 – 20th February:
-    Plenary sessions
-    Workshop 1 – Computersimulatie in rampenmanagement
-    Workshop 2 –  Verpleegkunde door een virtuele bril
-    Workshop 3 – Internationaal interdisciplinair simuleren
-    Workshop 4 – IP high fidelity simulatie Onderwijs Vroedkunde
-    Workshop 5 – Using medium fidelity simulation in the Nursing curriculum (Denmark)
-    Workshop 6 –  Psychosociale vaardigheden – high fidelity simulatie Verpleegkunde
-    General satisfaction

DAY 2 – 21st February:
-    Plenary sessions
-    Workshop 1 – Budgetvriendelijke wonden maken
-    Workshop 2 – Simulatieonderwijs voor professionals met zelfevaluatie
-    Workshop 3 – Microsimulatie en CRM-training
-    Workshop 4 – Scenario writing
-    Workshop 5 – De regie van het scenario
-    Workshop 6 – Debriefing
-    General satisfaction


The effectiveness of crisis resource management and team

Sculpting with people - An experiential learning technique

CRM Studie


Simlab Vives hogeschool 



Day 1

Simulatie 2.0-Sophie Brasseur en Imgard Coppens

How we think and work with simulation in Department of Nursing, Odense, Denmark - Mevr. Merete Golles Laursen

SUN meeting IPE-Isabelle Vandelannoote en Sarah Mortier

Day 2

Simucarepro Simulatietraining als middel voor partnerschap tussen studenten en professionals in medische en paramedische context. CRM. SimCarePro -  Laurence Peeters en Yves Clerbois

Veiligere patiëntenzorg - Sarah De Schepper

The impact of stress on learning - Guibert de Quirini

Simulation in midwiferyobstetrics - Trude Thommesen

Scenario writing - Marjorie Maes  en Peter Bouckhout

De regie van het scenario - Tom Thoelen

Debriefing - Christof Patyn

Simulatieonderwijs voor professionals met zelfevaluatie – Karel Decaluwé

Some pictures

Photo report


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