Application for attestation

Are you an alumni of the Erasmushogeschool Brussel and do you need a certain document? Then we would like to help you on this page. Via the overview below, we would like to give you an idea of the various documents and the associated costs.

Kind of certificate Option 1 Option 2
Certificate lost diploma € 50 free via LED database*
Proof of enrolment/study 35 € certificates from 2005-2006 free from 2005-2006

Study overview/credit certificates

35 € certificates from 2005-2006 free from 2005-2006

* To save you unnecessary costs, please refer to Did you obtain your diploma after January 2000? Then you can prove your qualifications digitally via this database (LED), officially accepted as an authentic source.

Request documents

Do you still want to request your document(s) through Erasmus University? Then fill in the form via the link below and we will do the necessary for you.