Multilingualism as a resource in 21st century urban education

Multilingual and culturally diverse classrooms

Gekleurde post-its in verschillende talen
Educational Bachelor of Primary Education - Centre of Expertise 'Urban Coaching & Education'

Located in superdiverse Brussels, Erasmus University College prepares its students to teach in multilingual and culturally diverse classrooms. Also in its own student population this linguistic diversity is more and more reflected. The Educational Bachelor of Primary Education has opted for a research line on multilingualism (2017 - 2020). The project aims to optimally use the linguistic diversity in the learning process of multilingual children. At the same time, the project wants to valorise the multilingual repertoires of its own students. As role model and experience expert - with the necessary scientific expertise - these student make an important contribution.

The aim of the project is to provide students and teachers with new perspectives on the psychological and cognitive benefits of multilingualism in education. Therefore, students develop and implement activities on language awareness, in co-creation with primary schools in Brussels. However, the main focus is on the introduction of pedagogical translanguaging in the classroom practice. The student- teachers use the home language of the children as a scaffold, e.g. in vocabulary acquisiton, grammar, reading and writing activities but also in mathematics and science eduation. As a result, the linguistic skills of both pupils and student-teachers are being recognised as a powerful asset.



This project won the 'Europees Talenlabel 2019'.
Europees Talenlabel Laureaat 2019

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