Coronavirus: updates and guidelines

Corona updates: on these pages we regularly provide updates on the guidelines that apply at our university of applied sciences. Do you have a question about this? Send an e-mail to

Carine Meeus is our corona-coördinator, she'll answer as soon as possible.

General info 

(Suspicion of) Infection?

Basic rules:

  • Social distancing: when moving, keep a distance of 1.5m; a circle of approx. 7 m² is provided for each seat.  
  • Hand hygiene:  The EhB provides hygienic material for hand washing, to be used:
    • when entering the campus
    • after visiting the toilet
    • before meals
    • before leaving the EhB
    • after coughing or sneezing
    • before and after operating machines, instruments,...
  • Personal protective equipment:  
    • Mouth masks or face masks are mandatory for everyone and are kept on on campus throughout your stay.  
    • Cleaning personnel wear mouth masks and gloves  
  • High-risk groups: we take these precautions concerning those who are sick or belonging to a high-risk group:  
    • Sick students and staff remain at home. Suspected sick students and staff members will be sent home.    
    • Students who belong to a high-risk group can continue to follow digital education.  
    • Staff members belonging to a high-risk group are advised to continue working from home. If working from home turns out to be impossible, these staff members can benefit from a force majeure scheme.

Whether or not you belong to a high-risk group is determined by your GP.

EhB's corona safety policy

It should be clear that the safety of all students and staff is an absolute basic requirement when using our campuses. 

  • We provide measures for physical safety and mental well-being.  
  • We aspire to provide the safest possible EhB environment, while trying to minimise the risk of contamination. 
  • Social distancing is always and everywhere the rule. 
  • Mouth masks and mouth coverings are a crucial part of the safety policy.  

Guidelines are distributed for people who are present on campuses on the one hand, and for personnel who have to schedule the activities that require physical presence on campuses on the other. These guidelines are based on the guidelines of Education Flanders.

The organisation of the activities that require presence on the campuses is based on risk analyses per location. 

  • EhB is supported and advised by IDEWE's external service for prevention and protection. The risk analysis is drawn up by the EhB board in cooperation with the internal prevention service and the external prevention service, with reporting to the CPBW. 
  • The local prevention staff are involved in the organisation of the restart. 

In the risk analysis and when taking prevention measures in addition to physical safety, we also take into account the mental wellbeing of staff and students.

  • For the students, the student counsellors are the point of contact and, in the second instance, the Stuvo department. 
  • Through the HR department, agreements have been made with the psychosocial well-being department of IDEWE's external service. 
  • When restarting, we take into account the long period in which students and the EhB staff have not seen each other (also in the context of complying with social distancing just after the restart). 

We foresee regular interim evaluations and, if necessary, adjustments of the risk analysis and the implementation of the prevention measures.

  • EhB ensures regular consultation with the various internal services, departments and training courses in order to know what is going on within EhB. Sufficient supervision will be organised to ensure that all measures are complied with.  
  • We have made clear agreements with third parties (cleaning, suppliers, ...).  
  • We foresee measures to exclude non-essential third parties (visitors) as much as possible.  
  • Sufficient time will be set aside for the reception of students and staff during the restart.

Coronavirus mailbox

The university college closely monitors the situation and follows up the official reporting. We also work out procedures in consultation with all departments involved. In addition, we are prepared to deal with concerns and questions. 

We are prepared to receive your reports... To this end, an e-mail address has been created to notify us of the following after consulting your GP:

Our services, such as STUVO, tutoring and student administration also remain available to you online. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

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