Financial support for projects

Would you like to organize an activity for your fellow students yourself?

Before submitting your application for project funding, please review the conditions beforehand. 
  • You can ask for financial project aid for project that have a sportive, cultural, social or ecological value. 
  • Only non profitable and non-educational activities 
  • The project must be open to a relevant number of EhB students 
  • The project must take place within the current academic year and must take place before 30th June.
Some important facts 
  • You must submit your application for a project subsidy at least 1 month in advance (same for RITCS café). All events must take place before June 30th in the current academic year. 
  • The granted amount may only be spent on the project linked to the grant. 
  • Would you like to have a conversation with a STUVO colleague before filling out the project subsidy application? That's possible! If your event takes place in the RITCS café, you can contact Alexia; for other events, you may contact Mathilde

Apply for your project funding now!

I am applying for a grant to organize a (multiple answer options)
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