Future Studies

In this elective course, you will learn the necessary skills to navigate our rapidly changing society and contribute to sustainable futures. Through project-based learning, you will understand the importance of future studies for your specific work context, become familiar with the main methodologies used in future studies, and learn how to apply them at a beginner level.

practical information

  • You officially enroll for the elective course 'Futures Studies' through your academic advisor or student secretariat.
  • The classes take place in the 1st trimester.
  • If this course is part of your regular study program, you do not have to pay anything extra. If this is not the case, an additional fee of €35.70 will be added to your regular tuition.
  • The course is structured around the principles of project-based learning - you will collaboratively investigate futures of a chosen topic. In addition to structured peer feedback, you can also seek guidance from the instructor at all times. 
  • The course material is provided in English. The languages of instruction is both English and Dutch, based upon the students present.
  • You will participate in the course through a combination of in-person and digital education. After the live kick-off session held in the vicinity of Dansaert, you will continue working in small groups. Throughout the trimester, there are two additional joint evening sessions scheduled with the instructor, as well as several digital contact moments.
  • To earn credits for this course, you will create a research paper based on the assignments you have completed throughout the semester, which will be an integral part of your portfolio.