Departmental/School of Arts council

The departmental council is a council in which staff members and stuvers (student representatives) make important decisions about their departement or school of Arts. These include the content of classes, the way exams are conducted and research programs. 

In addition, the council is also concerned with how the departement or school of Arts is organised. This includes, for example, how resources (such as staff and money) are used, how academic research is carried out how their department/school of Arts engages with society and what duties the administration of their department or school of Arts had. 

From the departmental student council, 2 stuvers are delegated to sit on the departmental council (DR) or school of Arts council (SOFA). 

You can only be part of the deaprtmental council/school of Arts council if you study at the department/school of Arts concerned. 

Our studentmembers:  

  • Matilde Clayes: Afgevaardigde School of Arts KCB en voorzitter DSR KCB.
  • Douwe Debroux: Afgevaardigde School of Arts KCK en lid DSR KCB.
  • Jasper De Maeseneer: Afgevaardigde School of Arts raad RITCS, lid DSR RITCS en lid opleidingscommissie
  • Arthur Moelants: Afgevaardigde School of Arts raad RITCS, lid DSR RITCS en lid opleidingscommissie.
  • Sam Busyene: Afgevaardigde departementsraad GDT, voorzitter DSR GDT en lid STUVO-raad.
  • Gil Ghilain: Afgevaardigde departementsraad GDT en lid DSR GDT.
  • Lou Van Theemsche: Afgevaardigde departementsraad MM en voorzitter DSR MM.
  • Yüksel Top: Afgevaardigde departementsraad MM en lid DSR MM.

Departemensraad MM

Amber - DSR MM

Amber De Becker


Emöke - DSR MM

Emöke Heirich

Departemensraad GDT

Lisanne - DSR GDT

Lisanne Moens


Jarne - DSR GDT

Jarne Degraeve

Schools of Arts-raad RITCS


Sin Jonkers

Schools of Arts-raad KCB

Free - DSR KCB

Free Van Hee

Departemensraad MM


Amber De Becker


Emöke Heirich