Tina Tiko Tsomala

tina tiko

Tiko Tsomaia, MD, PhD, is a professor at Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management of GIPA, where she leads classes in reporting and writing and social campaigning. She has earned BA and MA in Medicine and MA in Journalism and Media Management.​She has been a OSI Global  Faculty Grant fellow at NYU University, visiting fellow at City University London,  recipient of EU Cost Action  STSM (short term scientific mission) to Zaragoza University. She is an Expert Speaker at International conferences, organized by European Journalism Training Association (EJTA), European Journalism Centre (EJC), International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ), European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS), International Alert, CESS (Central Eurasian Studies Society) Her research topics are:  pre-natal sex selection, femicide, trauma and addiction, ethical decision making and health communication; 

She is running  www.femicide.ge collaborative project to inform the public about murder crime including femicidethrough enabling journalists to report on crime trends and communicate it better. 

Tsomaia is a founder of an “open movement” to support community mental health services and open discussion about mental health issues.  


Title of lecture

Transmedia storytelling about women killed during the war. Femicide in the Conflict Zone -from project idea to a large social campaign.

Femicide in the Conflict Zone is a social campaign aiming at restoring war memory, revealing truth and overcoming trauma through uncovering the stories of female victims of war.
Project aims at memorizing women killed at armed conflicts, rethinking ruthlessness of war, informing society, and revealing women's stories in order to archive existing live memory. Project calls for and enables everyone, who has information on female victims of war to send or upload stories through specially designed platform and make their contribution in creation of a virtual repository of war memory.

Different platforms and formats were used to spread the message and reach audiences: In the framework of the project, the garden located in the city center was named after the women killed at war; Stories of femicide victims were performed on the stage and the Georgian version of the song- Where have all the flowers gone was premiered.
Due to the activities, more than 1000 femicide cases/facts were collected in first two weeks of the campaign.

The aim of the workshop is to present a transmedia project and share the experience from idea initiation to turning it into a platform of various uses from therapy to a big source of information, which is personal stories, crowdsourcing tactics, ethical decision-making, audio-visual material archiving and a database creating and making it accessible for public use.

Venue of lecture, timing Campus Bloemenhof - 05/12/2019 - 15:00 t 16:30