Student's council

The student council represents the voice of all students at Erasmushogeschool Brussels. We reach out beyond just your education. This can range from study fees, class schedules, sport activities to restaurant menus. 


Who or what are stuvers? 

Stuvers stands for student representative. They are the voice of all EhB students. This extends beyond just within the program. 


They provide advice to Erasmus University College Brussels

Both at program level and within the departements, lectures and students enter into dialogue with each other to perfect operations tailored to the student. Themes can come at the request of the college or just as easily from their own initiative. 


You can participate in student policies outside EhB thourgh external councils (e.g. VVS, UAB, UAB sport, Brik, BAST) 

Stuvers also carry the voice of students outside the EhB. 


You grow as a student + get support from the student coach. 

As a Stuver, you come into contact with different people, themes through which you continue to develop yourself. You learn to hold meetings, work together and take initiative. Thanks to the student coach, you are not alone and you receive the necessary guidance. 

Overview student councils 

  • General Student Council
  • Departmental Student Council MM
  • Departmental Student Council GDT
  • Departmental Student Council RITCS 
  • Departmental Student Council KCB 
  • STUVO Council 
  • Departmental Council/School of Arts Council 
  • The governance Council 
  • The Supervisory Board Council