Looking for the right sport to maintain or create your beach body? Together with our sports partner VUB, we offer an extensive range of sports for a small price!


Basic Fit

As an EhB student you receive a discount when purchasing a full-option annual membership at Basic Fit (comfort + formula). For this you have to purchase your membership card in the BASIC FIT on campus Jette (next to UZ Brussels) or BASIC FIT on campus VUB Etterbeek. After that you have access to all European Basic Fit clubs!

For 190 euros/year (+19.99 euros entry fee at start-up) you can enjoy:

  • the applicable promotion campaign on the comfort formula at the time of connection (e.g. a free sports bag)
  • access to gym
  • participation in both virtual and live group classes
  • free sports drink
  • use changing rooms and showers
  • access to all Basic Fit clubs in Europe
  • a basic program for strength, figure or fitness training via the Basic Fit app

Refund sports subscription

Are you an active athlete but do you not find your favorite sport with the EhB/VUB sports department? Or you prefer to sport at home?

Then VUB/EHB students can enjoy a refund of €15* on the purchase of a sports subscription. Whether you join an athletics club, buy a 10 session card for the mlunicipal swimming pool or register for a serie of lessons crossfit, VUB supports your sporting actions.

* refund not valid on and non-cumulable with the Basic Fit student subscription or on our own organized EhB/VUB sports offer such as the sports card, jogging card,...)

Request your intervention here!

Sports project grants

Do you want to organize a sports activity for fellow students? Then know that the VUB sports department can give your project/idea a financial boost. The organized sports activity must meet a number of requirements to qualify. Project per project is then examined how much support can be given to this.

Apply for your project subsidy here!

Futsal competition

Would you like to participate in our indoor football competition? Put together a team with 5 EhB students and crown you the Best Brussels Dutch-speaking Student Hall Football Team aka the BBNS!

Info will follow.

Flemish / Belgian championships

Under the motto “Sport and studying, a successful combination”, Student Sports Flanders annually organizes the Flemish Student Championships (VSKs) in various sports in which students from various Flemish universities, colleges or associations compete against each other for the title of Flemish Student Champion.

The Belgian University Sports Federation (BUSF) organizes the Belgian Student Championships (BSKs), the BUSF finals and supports the participation of Belgian students (teams) in international (top) sports events such as World Championships (WUCs) and Universiades (Olympic games for students).

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