Financial support

Scholarship Flemish Community

There are some 3 requirements that you have to meet to receive a study grant from the Flemish government (studietoelage in Dutch). If you meet all the requirements, you receive a scholarship. In that case, you pay less tuition fee at Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts. There is no age limit.

1. Nationality conditions

2. Conditions of study

3. Financial conditions

If you are temporarily staying in Belgium because of your studies, the nationality conditions will be an obstacle and you will not be eligible to request a scholarship from the Flemish Community. If you do not meet the requirements, you will have to fund your studies yourself and (if possible) apply for financial assistance and/or study aid in your home country.

How to apply?

When you are enrolled at Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts and you meet the nationality requirements, you can apply online for a study grand. All applications must be submitted before the end of May of the current academic year. 

Do you need help to submit your application?

Contact Stuvo EhB, the student services of Erasmushogeschool Brussel. We can help you submit your application. Please check beforehand if you meet the nationality conditions to be considered for a grant. 

You can make an appointment online:

  • Here for an online meeting 
  • Here for a meeting in person (Slotstraat 28, 1000 Brussel)

If you like a meeting with a particular STUVO employee: 

  • here : for an appointement with Angelique Roels
  • here: for an appointement with Sofie Haegemans
  • here: for an appointement with Lina Mejdoubi Haddaji

You can also visit STUVO without an appointment, during the consultation hours on Tuesday between 1PM and 4:30 PM. Our address is campus Kanal (Slotstraat 28, 1000 Brussel). 

Other questions about financial support. Send an e-mail to