Student council KCB

Welcome to the KCB Departmental Student Council (DSR KCB)!

As the point of contact for students within our school of art, we want to hear your ideas and suggestions. Your voice is important to us and we are happy and excited to represent it during this academic year.

Every year EhB holds elections for the DSR. Wondering who represents your voice? You can find us below.

Our DSR meets monthly, excluding vacations. Would you like to attend a meeting? Then contact us at the email address below. We look forward to meeting you!

Our board


  • Indra Van Impe: President DSR KCB - musical
  • Gilles Van den Cruyce: President DSR KCB - Kleine Zavel
  • Axel Znamensky: Board member KCB DSR, member ASR
  • Free Van Hee: Board member KCB DSR, member ASR, member School of Arts Council KCB
  • Mats Proost: Board member KCB DSR, member STUVO Council
  • Marius Rabbe
  • Constança Lidegran