Manu Juvanta - campus Jette

Manu Juvanta - Campus Jette 

Campus Jette seems somewhat remote and there is relatively little to do. But nothing could be further from the truth, because Manu Juvant is there. Now we can already hear you thinking, Manu what? Manu Juvanta is the student association of programs within the 'healthcare' department on this campus. Whether you study nursing, midwifery, food and dietetics, biomedical laboratory technology or even Garden and Agricultural Architecture then you need to be with us. 

Since 1969, together with many students and former students, we have been providing lif. Besides the sporadic canctus or TD, we also organise fun outings such as 'Hello Brussels', where we help new students get to know Brussels. With shared experiences of peers and predecessors. 

You will recognise us by our red and yellow ribbons when we wear them on activities. Because otherwise, we are just like you, students who can be found at school or internship every day. There are even former students who can't let go of us who still attend every time. 

We are a friendly gang who likes to do activities together or help each other where we can. 

If you are curious about who we are, feel free to check out our social media (insta:@manujuvanta, fb: Manu Juvanta) and that way maybe we can do something fun/fun together sometimes in the future. Don't be afraid and feel free to ask us all your questions, we'll be happy to answer them. You can also reach us via email!