Karina Schwann

karina schwann
Academic Coordinator Radio

Responsibility, Diversity, Independence and Accountability – the core values of public service media are the journalistic path which is grounded on 20 years in within the Austrian Public Broadcasting Association the ORF (the bilingual youth culture radio station FM4 and the current affairs, informational Radio Ö1). Multimedia approaches (Online & Podcasting & Video) with the Austrian Press Agency accompanied the radio experience for some of the time. Overall developing a commercial radio station in Vienna has been a successful, fun and creative experience. Whereby the major impact was and always will be focusing consequently on radio journalistic production covering topics by integrating diverse perspectives over some time-span, based on longer radio reports, features or broadcasts. The need of portraying themes as a whole with a lively and appealing realization is needed not just shown in many surveys but by the journalistic fulfillment for society.


Title of lecture

The content of the teaching programme will contain an inside experience of the production of radiodocumentaries i.e. the basic secrets of producing serials for radio and audio. With some listening examples of award-winning radiodocumentaries the students are able to analyse basic elements needed for a vivid narration in terms of creating an successful arc of suspense and present some results in groups. The common theme of the lecture/workshop is following current journalistic claims on important sociopolitical or -economical related insides. This content is inspirational for conceptualizing individual topics/storyboards for radio and audio serials in within groups.

Venue of lecture, timing Campus Bloemenhof - 05/12/2019 - 13:30 t 15:00