International Communication Days 2019 EhB-AP - The workshops in Brussels

Workshops on Wednesday 4 december: details

You will be asked to select one of the following workshops between 1.30 and 3.3. pm:


  • Implementing sustainability in your curriculum. Leen Audenaert and Peter Schildermans, Flemish Government -  Sustainable Higher Education’. This workshop is addressed to all teaching staff interested in curriculum development. You will be guided through a process which allows you to take the first steps in building a new curriculum. Some energizing examples will be shown on what sustainability and sustainable development goals  mean in higher education. An open and informal space will be created to share your ideas. 


  • Working on sustainability and the circular economy with the OVAM SIS Toolkit. Miranda Geusens en Liesbet Van Ackeleyen  (OVAM). Do you want to know more about tools for the circular economy and sustainability? Take part in the hands-on workshop 'OVAM SIS Toolkit' and work together on a concrete case. The OVAM SIS Toolkit '(Sustainable Innovation System) is an instrument that provides guidance towards integrating sustainability principles in innovation and design processes to create sustainable value. Participants will be offered an OVAM SIS Toolkit. 


  • Education for sustainability in a multi-faceted tomorrow – A Futures Literacy Lab. Maya Van Leemput, Kim De Vidts, Eva De Smedt, Yannick Dujardin (EhB Researchers Open Time | Applied Futures Research). This Lab is open to all interested guests, EhB staff and students. To engage with the exceptional challenge that sustainability is, you are invited to broaden your perspective of the here and now to the long-term future and the greater whole. Take part in this colorful and relaxed activity to strengthen your futures literacy in order to shape together tomorrow’s ideas on sustainability in higher education.


Workshops on Friday 6 december: details

You will be asked to select one of the following workshops betweek 10and 12 am:


  • Kookmet: Be part of the city’s best pop-up restaurant by shopping and preparing  a healthy and affordable meal cooked on funky mobile kitchens which you will share afterwards with your colleagues


  • Bigh's Urban Farm: Learn about the fish farm, the greenhouse and the rooftop garden built on the FoodMet and get an insight into the applied aquaponic method through a ludic workshop. 


  • Le Champignon de Bruxelles: Visit the cellars of the slaughterhouse which are a perfect environment for mushroom production. Tons of beer waste are transformed into delicious shiitake! 


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