Heike Siebert

Coordinator Internationalization & Lecturer

Experienced international player with many years of practice in International Business at Lufthansa GermanAirlines (International Customer Relations, Leader of International Trainee Program, International HR) and now since 2015 International Exchange Coordinator and Lecturer Intercultural Competence at THM Business School in Giessen (THM University of Applied Sciences). Passionate about travelling and meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds. My interest in seeing new places and broadening my horizon started early in my life, when I joined as many student exchanges as possible, including among others a high school year in the USA and two semesters abroad (USA and Russia) during my university studies. Developing Intercultural Competence is a lifelong learning process and one of the most important soft skills in today’s globalized world and I enjoy teaching it very much.

Title of lecture

o Plans a playful session with the students that serves as a perfect introduction to Intercultural Competences; and then give them further input on the subject after the reflection of the game. 

o Second aspect: Showing IIM students the advantages of a semester abroad in general and of course in particular in Giessen at THM.

Venue of lecture, timing Campus Bloemenhof - 3.12 - 05/12/2019 - 09:30 t 11:00