Heidi Van Gerwen

Heidi Van Gerwen
Former Educational Manager Regency International Centre for Hospitality and Food Studies, South Australia and Honorary Consul for Belgium jurisdiction South Australia

Heidi started her career in Hospitality in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. She is a graduate of EhB, PIVA, ICHM and UniSA. Her ultimate goal was to have a profession which would link all her major interests; teaching, travelling, cooking, leading and entertaining.

She is a well-respected judge on the Australian restaurant scene and can regard many prominent chefs as her pupils. Heidi became the manager of one of Australia’s most leading International Hospitality schools (150 staff) in partnership with ICHM and LCB for decades.

By building a respectable reputation, Heidi gained easy access to a vast professional network in South Australia and the Australian Hospitality industry. This combined with her strong aptitude to provide services, led to the appointments of Honorary Consul for Belgium and Australia Day Ambassador.

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Service in International context

Venue of lecture, timing Campus Bloemenhof, aula 3.15, 5/12/2018, 11 am