Daniel Demoustier

Freelance cameraman

Daniel Demoustier (1962) started working at the Audiovisual Service of Catholic University Leuven after completing his studies in political and social sciences.

Demoustier is best known as a freelance cameraman in war zones around the world. The most important were the wars in Rwanda, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon, Liberia, Haiti, Pakistan and recently the Arab revolution in Egypt, Libya and Syria and the war in Mali.

In March 2003 he became involved in a gunfight in Iraq. He was the only one who survived, three British colleagues from ITN lost their lives. He also worked for the BBC, VRT (Panorama) and VTM (Telefacts). For that channel in 2013 he had his own program with documentaries from Flanders, under the name 'Demoustier'. At the end of 2017 Demoustier announced that he was suffering from lymphoma. A battle he won.


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