Craig Mac Donald

Director International Business programs Bachelor, Master & MBA, International Partnerships

Majoring in Economics and Latin American and Russian Area Studies at the School of International Service at AU in Washington D.C., Craig worked for several years for the US government. Moving to Miami, he created a company serving as Operations and Sales Director for the import, export, transport, wholesaling and retailing of exotic fruits & vegetables, with frequent travel to Latin America. Seeking out more distant horizons, in 1986 he went to West Germany as Marketing Director Europe for a US company representing major US & European brands in duty-free markets. In 1991, moving to France as CEO / Manufacturing Director, he again created a start-up for the manufacture of rechargeable battery packs for consumer electronic goods, working with companies such as Grundig, Panasonic, Thomson, Geant Casino, and Metro.

A free-lance consultant in international marketing, sales, supply chain and corporate start-ups in the electronics and FMCG sectors since 2001, Craig lectures at major business schools throughout France.  Since March 2017 he is director of the full-English Bachelor, Master and MBA programs at ESC Amiens, France, and since March 2018 hemanages their international partnerships as well.


Title of lecture

"Disruptive Innovation: The end of newspapers, books and movie theaters?”  - how many of you have recently paid for a newspaper, or read a paper book?   In business terms, “disruption” describes a process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established leaders in the market.  The telex, the fax, the video camera, the video cassette, CDs…where are they now and all those companies who were involved in the industry?  So what is disruptive innovation?  We’ll review this process historically, examine today’s growth of these entrepreneurial upstarts in a multitude of economic sectors, and end by looking at how important it is today for large organizations, in particular, to integrate this process into their strategy through intrapreneurship and other means.

Venue of lecture, timing Campus Bloemenhof 3.08 - 05/12/2019 - 13:30 t 15:00