Welcome to Commin@! What do we do within our student group? The atmosphere you can find with us is like in a youth movement or youth house. Over the years, you know everyone & everyone knows you, it's a big circle of friends. Above all, you will find friends for life with whom you will get through your study years, which will also allow you to expand your social network. The more souls, the more joy. Need help with your studies? No problem, everyone at Commin@ is happy to help you move forward with tasks, school problems and exams. We often study together and can help you with subjects we have already completed. 

We do a lot of activities, not just going to bars. Every year we go on a weekend with the whole circle. We regularly organise TD's, such as Candyland TD, Neon Night,... Saint V is early Christmas for us, a moment we look forward to because it is one of the biggest student parties ever where almost every Brussels student attends. Beyond that, we also organise fun cultural activities and trips! 

We welcome all students from the Department of Man and Society at Campus Bloemenhof. To become a member, we organise a fun baptism, in the form of a city walk. We want to introduce new members to our student circle in a fun, relaxed way. 

Our contact details: