Carvalho e Áurea

Aurea Marília Madureira e Carvalho
Invited Assistant Professor + Professor

Aurea Marília Madureira e Carvalho is graduated in Biology and Geology (Teaching of) by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. She began her professional activity in 2006, being a teacher in several schools, and a trainer in several vocational training institutions. She has a PhD in Forensic Sciences (University of Porto), presented with the thesis "Application of Geology and Palynology in Forensic Research. The Example of Areínho River Beaches (Left Bank of the Douro River - Vila Nova de Gaia) ". Part of her PhD was developed at The James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen (Scotland). She is currently an Invited Assistant Professor at the University Institute of Health Sciences of the North - CESPU, where she is responsible for conducting and teaching several Curricular Units of the 1st and 2nd Cycle of Studies in Forensic Sciences, also supervising 1st and 2nd Cycle theses. Additionally, she is a researcher at LAQV-REQUIMTE and IINFACTS. She authored scientific articles published in international journals peer-reviewed and national and international book chapters in Forensic Sciences. She is Associate Founder, Treasurer and Coordinator of the Scientific Areas of Forensic Palynology and Forensic Geology and Pedology, of the Portuguese Association of Forensic Sciences.