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Onderzoek Podiumtechnieken voorgesteld in Stockholm University of the Arts

Chris Van Goethem, onderzoeker aan het RITCS binnen de opleiding Podiumtechnieken, is deze maand in Stockholm voor de presentatie van "Changement á vue - The meaning of motion storytelling with theatre machinery". Tussen 10 en 14 juni presenteert hij het onderzoek voor de onderzoeksgemeenschap van SADA, de OISTAT Research group en IFTR.

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Anders Larsson has, together with his co-researcher Chris van Goethem, built a model of a theatre machinery, based on some of the old theater machinery found in different places in Europe. They have researched what changes are possible to make with the machinery and then written a frame of reference for it, understandable from a dramaturgical point of view.

Lecture demonstration

Presentation of the results from the Artistic Research Project Changement á vue
Hands on experience with the 1:4 scale model




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