Forensic science

Inter­na­tion­al Foren­sic Sci­ence and Polic­ing 19 – 20 — gaat niet door dit academiejaar

The course aims to build your knowledge and skills in the practice of forensic science and policing across international boundaries throughout Europe and the rest of the world. This will develop your awareness of cross-border investigation protocols, thus providing professional development for individuals planning to work or already working in investigations that involve multiple countries. The programme will integrate theoretical and practical aspects of forensic science and policing investigations in an international and cross-border context.


A student may elect to participate in modules 1-3 only, this participation will result in an EFEN certificate.  If the Postgraduate Certificate is to be attained, registration must be submitted to their University of choice (this is also where the student will carry out module 4).


September, 2020

The course (PPT slides and/or syllabus with background information (literature, video, KB,…) will be accessible via the online learning platform.

Content of programme

Content will encompass the key areas that make forensic investigations ‘international’ including legislation, differences in forensic protocols and policing procedures, cross-border agencies and international collaborations. It is envisaged that the full programme will contain 20 credtis (equivalent to 60 credits in the UK) amounting to a Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert). This will consist of 4 modules:

Semester 1

Module 1: European Forensic Examinations (5 ECTS)

                  Distance learning

Module 2: European Policing and Crime Scene Management (5 ECTS)

                  Distance learning


Semester 2

Module 3:  European Law in Criminal Investigations (5 ECTS)

                   Distance learning

Module 4:  Practical skills in International Forensic Science and Policing (5 ECTS)

                   Plus on-campus practical learning for first 3 modules

                   Face to face, workshop around 2 weeks in length


campus Jette

Laarbeeklaan 121
1090 Jette


€150/ online module 1 – €150/ online module 2 – €150/ online module 3 (inclusive online assessment) €650/ module 4 (2 weeks)

Target group

This programme will be attractive to academics and practitioners working within law, science (biomedical laboratory science, chemistry, biology, biotechnology,…) and the criminal justice system. Individuals working or planning to work within Europe will be the main target as the majority of programme content will be European based.

This course is unique in Europe, being the first to truly create an international programme through collaboration with international partners and contributions from a variety of international experts. Four institutions° (from across Europe) are part of the European Forensic Education Network (ENFSI). Each of these partners have contributed particular forensic science and policing skills and knowledge to create a truly international course, bringing real-life experiences alive via the course material.

The development of this course is funded as part of an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships Project (awarded Nov 2014 – 3 years duration) entitled ‘The Development of a European Forensic Educational Network (EFEN)

The partnership is comprised of the following organisations:

  • Avans Hogeschool, Breda, The Netherlands°
  • Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK°
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Brussel, Belgium°
  • Studio di Ingegneria Forense (SIF), Ponzano Veneto, Italy°
  • Studio Indagini Mediche E Forensic (SIMEF), Reggio Calabria, Italy


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